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Building Setup and Delivery

Delivery and Setup

PROBUILT Buildings offers Free Delivery and Setup of your storage building if you are located within 50 miles of our one of our dealer locations. We need clear access to set the building and a driveway wide enough for the semi, trailer and building. Have your site ready for setup since the delivery person will not do any excavating or clearing of your site. You need a relatively level location to place your building, but the driver will level the building for you. Our sheds are designed to rest directly on their skids although we recommend putting them on cap blocks. You will need to provide the 4”x8”x16” solid cap blocks.

Other Considerations

You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies with regards to any permits, covenants, zoning, and/or regulations. If applicable, it is also recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may apply.

Delivery Date

You will be contacted with a delivery date. NOTE: We do not deliver on Sundays, or Holidays.


  1. Do you have adequate access for us to deliver the building?
  2. How wide is your driveway?
  3. Where is your building going to be placed?
  4. Is there a fence around the area where the building will be placed?
    If so how wide is the gate opening?  Gate opening must be 2ft.  wider than the width of building being purchased.
  5. If gate opening is not large enough, can you have a portion of the fence removed in advance?
  6. Are there any low power lines in your backyard? Are there any electrical or phone lines that could restrict delivery?
  7. Are there any trees or landscaping in the way of delivery?
  8. Does the eve of your house overhang the path of delivery?
  9. Is there space available for the MULE to easily access your property while moving the building?
  10. Are there any leveling issues? If so how unlevel is your area?

Challenging Setups

See how our experienced drivers maneuver the mule with skill to setup our buildings into some of the most difficult locations.

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