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Financing Options

ProBuilt, LLC offers options for our consumers to own their storage buildings after a limited time. ProBuilt brings our customers the best quality, and best service that you deserve. RENT-TO-OWN is our service to customers that want an efficient way of owning a storage unit in the end.

  • There are no credit checks.
  • Fill out the online Rental Application or the Form provided by your local dealer.
  • Pay your First Month’s Rent along with a Security Deposit & the unit will be delivered to you.
  • Your options for your monthly payment can be made with Auto Draft, Credit Card, Check, or Money Order.
  • Based upon your payment choice, you will receive a monthly payment booklet.
  • You can cancel your contract at any time.
  • You may payoff your building early with no penalties.


About Rent to Own:

One of our two financing options is the ProBuilt’s Storage Solution no-credit check, rent-to-own program. With this program you pay a security deposit and first month’s rent and we delivery your building. Then you make monthly rental payments, but unlike storage rental where you pay and pay but never own anything, when you pay out the term of your ProBuilt lease, the building becomes your own!

If you don’t have the cash with which to buy a building, but you need some extra storage, we provide a suitable monthly rental payment plan that when you pay the terms, we provide you with a certificate of ownership.

Is it Expensive?

The cost per month is comparable to that of what you would have were you to rent a storage facility that is not on your own property.

What Are The Benefits of Rent To Own?

There will be no credit check. You can use credit card, check or cash for the security deposit and the first month rent. There are multiple payment options for your convenience; autopay, online, by phone, or mail.

Rent to own is a month to month agreement. You will not be bound to a long contract, and you can terminate at any time. There is also the early purchase option. There is no penalty for paying your shed in full early if you wish to do so. In fact, paying for your building early is an excellent money saving option for you.

The best benefit of all is that once you have paid the final payment the building is yours!

Here is the perfect opportunity to have your own storage building on your property rather than paying rent on storage warehousing. Our monthly rental rates are comparable to storage warehouses per square foot. The beauty is, at the end of 3 years you own it. No penalty on early payoffs, nor are you required to keep your building.

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Easy Payment Plans

All major forms of payment are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, Discover as well as cash and checks.


Don’t forget to ask about our Rent to Own program.


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